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Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep. [15 Oct 2007|09:17pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Well, Thursday I don't have to go to school on the account the fridge broke and I have to stay home in order to assure the new Fridge's safe delivery. :D


Sorry I haven't updated by the way I've been really busy lately with TKD and Dance. x_x and this place, I don't know.

Die Romantic

[22 Sep 2007|11:04pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

And I just keep smiling like nothing is bothering me. . .

But I haven't done it in so long, that it's hard. The more I smile, the more it hurts.

Why does this tear me up inside?

Die Romantic

Thanks for the memories, even if they weren't so great [22 Sep 2007|09:06pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm in such a writing mood it's suffocating..

Anyways, today was fun. We did nothing. Finally, a chance to relax.. Really, last weekend I wasn't home at all! This weekend, I get a chance to relax my RIPPLING Muscels!

Not really, but when ever I sit up my stomach muscles hurt.

Next weekend I'm not going at be home at all either. On Saturday I'm going to be at The Deere Field Fair and on Sunday I have to go to my cousins house for a family dinner thing. Fun. Especially if my step sister decides not to chicken out when we duke it out on the trampoline. She's a cheerleader, and I'm a orange belt in Taekwondo.

This shall prove interesting. Especially now that I can kick over my head :D AND SHE'S SHORTER THAN ME! HAR HAR HAR HAR!

No chance Lauren, No chance.

Die Romantic

Quizes, homeworks, and fanfiction, OH MY! [19 Sep 2007|09:02pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

So yeah. I'm totally bombed with work right now. I mean, I really want to work on my fanfiction but I have tests, quizzes and all that great stressful stuff to work on! Not to mention for the first time today, I felt the stress that has been constricting my neck since day one!

But, that passed, and I have another quiz tomorrow in math. Oi, I failed the last one, but passed all the other ones.


Die Romantic

Throw it away, forget Yesterday, We'll make the great escape [13 Sep 2007|04:21pm]
I think I did considerably well on my Math Quiz! I knew almost all the answers, which was WAY more than I was stressing about! On the bright side, ther is no real test until, like, later on in the year which is great!

Besides that though, All my homework is done and after I post I'm doing chores. Hmm what else?

Oh yeah! 2 test's down, TWO MORE TO GO! I can't WAIT until this week is over, I've been exhausted from stress. The funny thing is, I'm like numb to the feeling of stress. I can never really feel it. . . I just know it's there because I'm tired a lot and jumpy. 

Today I hit Christian :| He deserved it. For the past few days he had been making fun of me. Well. . .he had it coming for him for stealing my galsses [/nerdycomment]. Sometimes I wonder if he likes me, I'm not sure. I don't like him to say the least, he's rather obnoxious. 

Ummmm. . .

Well, Saturday is the dance, I'm going with Melissa. Not as date, just as friends :] and it's going to be so much fun! My Saturday is really busy as far as I know.

I mean, Saturday Morning at 10:00 is my Testing. Then all day is Old Bedford Town day. After that is the dance, and then the dance OFF. The dance is from 7-11 and I might voulenteer to give tours around the high school on Saturday ALSO. That is, if I don't find my way signing up for hip-hop dancing classes. I need the pressure of so much stuff to do, because I work better under pressure than I do in a relaxed enviroment.

Then again, erratic enviroments makes me make mistakes, but get it done none the less.

What else? Oh yeah, Sunday is the king Richard's fair! So I'm going to ask Megan to smuggle the Princess dress from the closet. Psh, like my Anorexic mother can fit in it properly anymore.

I'd probably fit in it now that I lost weight! :] 

Life is so much better when she's not around x3

Throw it away
forget yesterday
We'll make the great escape
won't hear a word they say
they don't know us anyway
Watch it burn
Let it die
'Cause we are finally free tonight
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The homework NEVER ENDS! [12 Sep 2007|09:07pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

It's funny how one moment you can think your completely head over heels for some one, but as soon as you figure out that they're never going to be interested in you, how all those feelings flee into the oblivion. I liked Nolan at the beggining of the year and upon hearing that I have no chance all my feelings dropped like Flies. I liked Seb at the beggining of the year, upon hearing he was going to be dating some chick after he broke up with his girlfriend my feelings dropped faster.


I have a lot of tests, so I have to go.

Today -- Physical Science - Conversions
Tomorrow -- Math, Algebra
Friday -- The American Dream, Social studies, Post Civil War
Saturday -- Taekwondo, orange belt testing.

I was just checking in since I haven't in 2 weeks.

Oh, not to mention Leah want's me to get honors so I can get a discount on Car insurance. . .Sigh .. .

Die Romantic

[27 Aug 2007|02:31am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

School starts Wednesday.

I bit a whole in my retainer, which I lost, and because of this got nervous and bit a whole in my lip.

My RPC just had a baby.


Die Romantic

A change is needed 8D [17 Aug 2007|09:16pm]
I'm really proud of myself right now!!! I've been proud of myself for a long time, despite the fact that I cut myself three times shaving!

Well, today in Taekwondo. . .I broke a Brown board on my first try doing a move I had never done before! Well you know, I used to hit people all the time like that. . .but oh well. It was called a hammer fist! and a brown board is like breaking 1 and 3\4 of a wooden board!!! It's really going to make my weekend! The move I did was called a hammer fist! I'm a white belt and I did it and a kid in my class who is 18 and a 2nd degree black belt couldn't even do it right! And I did it as a 15 year old white belt whose only been in Taekwondo for two weeks!

I can't wait for my next belt :] I get to spar.

My dad said I was really powerful. Which is probably why I could break the board so easily. He fears for the person who I have to spar with. HE also said that he wants to be there when I do so. This is a nice change, especially since I was really upset that I wasn't living up to my father last year.

Oh yeah! I enrolled in high school this week. I don't think I told you that! but I get to do Computer Animation and Drawing.  . . well I think I'm going to b e drawing but it wasn't on my scheduel, for once I'm really excited for school! The classes are set up funny though, instead of 7 45 minuet classes, there are 4 85 minuet classes.

Tomorrow,. I'm getting my hair done. I'll be sure to post picture ;D Then I get new Glasses. I'm hoping I can get my allowance, thought I suck at doing chores. . .and I screwed up this week.

Welll, toodles, I need to work on my new chapter :D
Die Romantic

You wouldn't know a good thing if it came up and slit your throat x/3 [15 Aug 2007|09:30pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Nicholai Died. . .

and it pisses me off.

No, Nicholai is NOT a real person, Nichoai is my MP3 player and his battery fried out. COMPLETELY. He won't even turn on with help from the stupid charger. My sister says she has a spare battery at home. . .I hope she remembers to give it to me when Dad drops her off.

I should just make a list of everything I need. I really don't want to face my mother. . .though . . . so gathering my stuff with out having to see her is perfect. I feel bad about it though, and what if my mom stops My sister and says 'tell her to get it on her own time.'

I'm kind of afraid mom won't let me come back to New Hampshire if I go to Gloucester. . ..or she'll say I don't..

Other than that: I've been dying to write, but I need a direct source of music to do so. So. . .in a sense.. . .I can't write unless music is going STRAIGHT into my ears even though, about half way through the process I pretty much block it out. I don't know, that's just how I write at best. . .sometimes. . .poetic music is all I need to boost me.

Anyways, Riena hasn't been online. . .I wonder what happened to her. Everything seems different not talking to her like every day. Maybe she's off on some model thing, or maybe what I said is true and Youko Kurama came to life and stood at her door step like 'wtf' and then had a TOTAL relization about everything that happened and was suddenly like 'why didn't I kill Tainted sooner?" and now they're on a week long journey coming to find me and chase my up a tree and all that shit only for Super Touya to come get me and save me from the CLUTCHES of the EVIL FOX DEMON THEIF D<

But what are the chances of that? Maybe she just got a job and was completely worn out for days. Or maybe she's mad at me about that fight I had with Lime.

Well, I said I was sorry today. . . maybe I did over react to her fucking with my feelings but she should know I don't take things like that lightly. It really upsets me when people do shit like that and it's not cool. Even if she was maybe high. . . it doesn't change anything, she still did and it and it still happened and my feelings still got hurt even, if I mean they're always hurt.

Taekwondo is going good. My dad said I was powerful which is why I always lose my balance. Powerful? I mean, I know I'm strong and I know people kid around and call me Herculina but powerful? Hey, I'm not powerful, I just have a lot of energy. Seriously, I sit around all day and sometimes go for a walk but that's not sufficient enough to drain all my extra energy.

I want to open a shop on Gaia, but I need Riena to help me do so. . .and she hasn't been online and I'm afraid to do it on my own. We were supposed to open the shop together. . but it seems she may not be online for awhile. .

Oh. . .
Jesse sprained her ankle. And tomorrow's her birthday.

I have nothing left to say.

Die Romantic

Cascaded down on me. [05 Aug 2007|04:31pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

So today was un-eventful. I kind of just walked.

Well, Leah woke me up at 10:45 saying "A young lady shouldn't sleep too long." . . .Ive been dieing lately. This morning I had a banana for breakfast, and then for lunch I had a cup, thing of Yogurt.and two Turkey wraps For dinner, I had soup and english muffins.

Not to mention the fact I better fucking lose weight because I've walked a LONG way. Apparently, like a mile. Or Two. ..

But Leah's making me walk with my stomach mussels tightened.  She said it would help build the mussel and lose weight faster. Kayla complimented me saying "wow, Your really doing everything to lose weight aren't you?" I smiled and asked her what makes her think that. . .

Well, I think being in this stable enviroment is helping a lot. Leah is watching me making sure I drink a lot of water and eat properly. It's making it easier to lose weight. Not to mention I'm going to get my ASS kicked tomorrow in Karate at 7:00. And Kayla will be watching D: So will Leah, and maybe my dad.

Oh, and I called mom. She went on this long rant about how she would let me come home if I didn't like it here. She also asked when I was coming to get my stuff and when I was going to come home for like a week. I don't think I could go home. . .I don't want to. . .I feel like I'd get attached to something. Which reminds me how much I miss Maxie-Kun. . .

Well . . .Nothing else happened.

Die Romantic

"Thank you for loving me" [04 Aug 2007|11:36pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

"To truly Love some one is to put their feelings before your own" - Saki Hanajima

My mom finally said yes to me moving to New  Hampshire. . ..Yes. .. .Yes. . .Finally. So today, Leah and I cleaned out Jesse's old room and made it my own. I got four new posters for it too. One with Jack Sparrow, One with Will Turner, one with Jack Sparrow and Will Turner, and Then a Bleach poster with Ichigo, Rukia, Reji, the orange haired girl with big boobs, Rukia's brother and the guy with the striped hat and what appears to be no eyes. I can't really remember half of their names. . . they just keep slipping from my mind.

Thank you so much mom, Thank you so, so much. I have never been happier in my life. Thank you for loving me. .. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Well, anyways, Today we went to the beach. It was awesome. It was Hampton beach and it was like a Mini- Board walk! The streets were crowded, there were people EVERY where! I got a Hamburger and Fries for dinner, but the fries were kind of nasty. Then I got a Mint-Chocolate-Chip Ice cream cone which was delicious.

After that, we went to see this band called "The Spectra" play. Me, Kayla, and Arianna Danced. Ari-Chan even made some friends! Her and her three little friends danced around in a circle. Then some old lady came and started dancing with Ari. Kayla and I were so worried, I thought they were going to kidnap my adorable baby step-cousin, but when the song ended, she went away. Only to return LATER.

But between then, we went down to the shore. Leah made me hold Ari's hand and Kayla held her other hand so she wouldn't run into the water. We went back and forth TWICE to the beach. By the second time, Ari just ran around topless. Hey, might as well preserve her tops now that her pants were already soaked. So, At this point, I was soaked up to my mid-thighs in sea water, and had to walk around the rest of the day with sand scratching my legs.

So the lady came back later, and this time, Ari was dancing with her three little friends and one of their dad's. She whispered to her dad to let her dance with Ari, but he refused, thankfully. I thought I would have to stalk that old lady all day. And every time she touched her, I was on guard so I could run up and grab her in case she tried to kidnap her. Then again, dad said since they were dancing in front of a crowd of roughly, 100-250 people, she wouldn't get very far.

There was this guy though, see. He kept looking at me, from the moment I was eating, up until the moment I left, his eyes followed me. I wonder why. . .he was cute to say the least. Maybe he was high, I meant, if you take Ecstasy, everything is pleasing.

So, It's Saturday night today, 11:52 pm. Tomorrow is Sunday. But Monday I have something to do. At 7:00 pm I have to go to a karate School! It's my first Karate Trial! I'm super excited too! From 7:00-8:00 I finally get to do something I really, REALLY want to do. I've been DYING to do Karate since I was a kid. . .but my mom never signed me up. . ..

Well, I'm sleepy, and Talking to Riena. So. . .Goodnight!

Die Romantic

[31 Jul 2007|11:34am]
[ mood | distressed ]

Today, is going to be pretty fucked up. I hate how I say this and it's only 11:40

First, I'm awoken by some one screaming "MY BABY!!" It was Jesse, she was finally home. So, Majick went outside with Jesse, then Kayla followed suit. I went upstairs, and saw my cousin Alexis and asked why she wasn't saying hi to Jess. She said she didn't want to [or something a long those lines] then said "I can't believe she dyed her hair blond!"

Which I retorted with: "I can't believe she's back here because of a guy."

So Jesse came into the house, grabbed Two Caprisuns from the fridge, and then came into the bathroom where I was putting my hair in a pony tail. She Said "Hey." and we hugged, I told her I missed her. Everything went down hill from there. Jesse asked Majick if she wanted to go for a ride. And Kayla flipped.

She told Jesse, "No! You can't take Majick!" Then Jess explained how she was just going to her work, but Kayla still said no. Then Jesse told her, 'Majick is my dog'. . .I couldn't help but sit there thinking 'That's why she's been sleeping with me every night? And why you walked away from this house, leaving her here all alone. . . '  A small fight broke out, and Jesse did end up taking Majick in the end.

The reason that Kayla freaked was because Jesse had asked before that around the third week of her not being here if she could take Majick. Of course Leah had a spazz attack., saying there was no way in hell she was taking her. Then Jesse talked to Kayla, and told her to Tell Leah that "Maybe it is a good idea that Majick is going with Jess, after all it's her dog." Kayla freaked also, saying no way.

I think Kayla thought Jess was going to take Majick, of course, I was worried about that too. Majick is such a sweet heart, last night I dropped my cell phone and it scared the crap out of her, so she came over, wagging her tail and nudged me. It was so cute!

Then Kayla locked Jesse's step brother and New Boyfriend out of the house. Including Jesse. I was downstairs, staring in shock, at this, then his in the bedroom. I heard everything, Jesse came out of the car screaming, and Kayla returned down stairs, called Majick inside and then shut the door on Jesse's face, locking it once more. I kneeled on the floor, and all I could think was 'Whose side am I going to be on?'

Really, I knew Kayla's side was the right one, but Jesse, I missed her so much. With out me hearing them, they vanished, into thin air as if they were never there. I really miss Jesse. . .but. . . .if she wants to keep running away I can't stop her.

Poor Majick, looking at her, you can tell her heart is breaking.

Anyways, I called my mom afterwards, I said "Mom, I'm running out of time. Tomorrow is August and school will be starting soon. Give me an answer, am I going to be living here or not."

Well, she blew me off. . .

She said: "Brooke, I'm at work, I can't discuss this, you know better than that." and then we said goodbye.


Die Romantic

[29 Jul 2007|03:49pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Well. Last night before I went to  bed, I figured out I had just gotten my period. PEACHY. Really, I knew those discombobulated emotions meant something.

The worst part of it, is today I had to go to a party. This was no ordinary party mind you, it was My Step-Grandmother's 60th brunch party. No big deal right? Until your in so much pain you think your going to puke.

During my period, I get severe lower back pains. Don't ask, I think it has something to do with my ovaries or something. So through out the first half an hour of the party, I was slouching, and then sitting up straight as a board, and then slouching again, trying to rid myself of these pains.

There was no way out of it either, I HAD to go. I mean, it's my step GRANDMOTHER. Despite feeling really awkward around Leah's family because I haven't known them long enough, there was no way out. Meme [pronounced:   MehMay]  was really kind though, she came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Ah, I started feeling better. I think maybe she knew something was wrong. He  He, she's such a sweet heart~<3

So after the party, I went home and lyed down. We got the spare cake, much to our displeasure. Last time we had cake, it sat on the counter for a long time. . ..because no one would finish it off. Not to mention the fact it stained my fingers green and blue for a long time.

Then I pretty much went down stairs, turned on my computer, and then fell asleep listening to the radio.

I just woke up. I slept from about 12:45-3:45.

I don't think anything else will be happening today

Die Romantic

Will you follow? For me? [28 Jul 2007|08:34pm]
I don't know.

I've been kind of fucky in the emotions station lately.

All I can do is stare, and watch myself being torn apart. Sometimes I wonder what it is. Really, what is it that's tearing my up?

I really want to know. Personally, I think it's my mother, who is holding back. I wish she could just give me an answer. I mean, right now the littlest things are throwing me through a loop. Such as one of my friends. . . our conversation hit a dead end and I started thinking she hated me. I paced in my room for a long time, a really long time, almost like I was expecting her to IM me after the dead end.

What the hell is wrong with me? I really want to know. If my mom tells me yes, will I calm down? Is it PMS? I mean, my mom had Sever PMS as a child, maybe it was passed down to me.

Whenever I got suicidal, I always got my period after wards, so it's very likely.

I want to draw, and I want to write, but my attention doesn't stretch beyond a few moments.

Fuck, I can't even draw a circle to start a HEAD. I just can't put the pencil down.

And I started a story three times now, and X-ed out for the six hundredth time on something good I was starting. It was EXCELLENT! All THREE STORIES! But I just couldn't keep up with.  It's getting frustrating. The first one was about a girl who lost a friend because they moved.

The second one was about a dead man.

And the third one was the beginning of a story I'm trying to get published called "Fate Weavers."

I had PLANNED on drawing a best friend for my Character named Chasity, and it was a girl named Drake, but I just. . . can't.

I need Serious


Die Romantic

Why oh why does the sky cry? [26 Jul 2007|10:38pm]
[ mood | morose ]

Things have gotten better [to say the least] I woke up with a horrible neck pain this morning. I guess it's because I went to bed stressed. Leah has neck pain all the time, and Jesse makes her stressed so there's that conclusion.

Then, I went swimming with Kayla, I woke up at 11:30 today though, I thought it was noon because my step mom woke me up. She usually comes home for lunch around 12:30. That explains it.

I got a sun burn on my face. . ..I felt it coming though so I got out of the pool before it could progress horribly.

I'm really trying to lose weight. I think it's working!

I'm moving into the spare bedroom in the basement tomorrow. My step mom said I get to have Jesse's old room because "She's NOT coming back." I know, Jess did some pretty horrible things, but she said if she did come back, that she would sleep in the room I have now.

Poor Jesse, it gets really hot in this room during the day.

I miss her a lot. :[

There are a few bad things though:

My dad is spending money on me for a lawyer so he can win custody. Apparently she's VICIOUS! The problem with that is she's expensive, and hes going to try and win the half of the house that my mother never paid for! This is good on our end mind you, but I fear for my mother's sake having to pay 60k plus interest! all together is like 180k!

Leaving Massachusetts means that I have to leave my friends. I told My poor Kasey-kins and she told me I was breaking her heart. But, she has said over and over, not to let her hold me back, and to do what ever makes me happy.  I really want to be happy but I want Kasey too, <3 I love that Kid.

I told Schenider too, he said he was going to kidnap me :P I love that kid too <33

Jesse, he hasn't replied to me yet. I hope he isn't mad. I kind of flip flopped a little. I said I was going to come home, and it seems now that won't be happening. I'm going to miss him almost as much as I'm going to miss Kasey.

Sarah. . .How am I going to tell Pepe-kun? D: 

Kayla. . .oh my god, Kayla's going to DIE in her own shoes! I don't want that to happen! Really.

And Amber . . .and the other Amber. Amber H has helped me through a lot like when I was stressed out and crying and Amber S is a die hard My Chemical romance fan like me! She came to my first concert with me.

I don't need to worry about Amber S. though, she has a camp up in New Hampshire.  . .Maybe she'll be the only one I'll ever see while I'm living here.

For the next four year [Repeating 9th grade] of my high school life.

I don't think anyone else really cares about me. I'm sure Grace and Barbara are going to be relieved I'm gone. Grace doesn't have to listen to me and Barbara doesn't have to see my cleavage.

Die Romantic

How can you tell me you don't want me anymore? [25 Jul 2007|12:42pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

How can a mother tell their daughter that they want them out of their fucking life? It happened to my sister. I've been in New Hampshire, eagerly awaiting my return to Gloucester to see my friend Kasey, only to figure out that I may not be going home at all. . .

I miss Kasey, Oh I miss her so much. I wish I was home to Wish her a happy birthday, I guess the only way I can say it is over the Internet. .  .

So. . .Happy Birthday Kasey.

So I was talking to Megan and I said ."Let's just move here and get it over with! We never have to deal with mom ever again and we can start school!"

Do you know what the fuck my Straight A but DUMB ASS sister told me?

"I'm not moving to New Hampshire! I'm going to see The Used in September with Kelsey."

My problem is, I can't move with out my sister, my dad won't allow it. But I'm sick of being in Massachusetts! I'm sick of sitting there day after day while my mom  makes me cry! I'm sick of fucking crying! I don't want to be miserable anymore, I really, really don't.

Leah said she would talk to my dad to see if I can live here. God, I want that more than the world it's self.

I really wanted this journal to be my happy Journal. The one where I put all my happy stuff in, and not really a bunch of depressing shit. It looks like that failed pretty damn fast.

Die Romantic

Psycho [30 Jun 2007|06:13pm]
    So my mom is absolutely fucking psycho

and I hate it.

She thinks this world belongs to her.

Today, when I got out of the the shower, I thought Grampy was over because I heard something that sounded like a screw driver. Then I remembered he was sick. . .

So I look out the window, and I see my neighbor buffing his car.

And a few minuets later my mom screaming "OH MY FUCKING GOD~!!"

She said that a few times, before screaming at the neighbor to turn off the car buffer.

I want to die. . .I am so embarrassed and now scared.

I think she's going to take it out on me.

Like, grab me by my hair and throw me on a wall or something.

So she said she was going out tonight. I'm really hungry and thirsty.

Actually, I haven't eaten all day.

Which is from 1am last night - 6pm today

[Roughly 17 hours ago]

But I won't leave my room until she leaves.

Or until I have a way to walk past her with out seeing me.

She's already PISSED that I'm here right now.

Die Romantic

[29 Jun 2007|08:09pm]
Today I cried, not for very long, but it still happened, and the reason it happened is still an open wound. Don't probe at it. . .

My mom was just giving me a hard time about staying in Gloucester this weekend. Well, it's her weekend to keep us and shit and she was making me feel like she didn't want me here. I wanted to hang out with Kasey this weekend and stuff though.

she's making me clean the house tomorrow too for being here. This weekend I kind of wanted to hang out with her, but she yelled at me telling me she was going out tomorrow night. Sadly enough, probably with the man she's talking to on the phone from whichever website shes signed up on. I'm looking for her right now. . .

I can't get onto dating sites with out a pass word. . .damn. . .

I'll figure it out.
Die Romantic

[26 Jun 2007|11:22pm]
I haven't updated in 5 days.

My grandfater has been sent to the hospital. He was dehydration and has a horrible case of Vertigo. I smelt him, some how, walking downstairs. I wonder if that means anything. Is he going to die?

I hope not. I'm kind of worried.

Really, I have no ambition to write. This is just an important stage in my life I wish to, well, I wish to remeber.

Besides, I'm waiting for Riena to get back from her nam. Damn, its 11:30 herem and 8:30 there. She left at 8:30 my time. . .What does that say? She doesn't take naps. Her naps = one full night of sleep for me.
Die Romantic

Back [21 Jun 2007|07:39pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm back for my first day of the summer out of the house, it was fun yet painful. We got all dressed up in prom dresses and walked around Gloucester. At first, it was okay, I mean it started pouring but it was still fun, then we went back to my house, and got  a ride to the Azorean where we ate. Wow, it was so funny, especially since there was an egg ontop of my steak. The Steak was rare, So was the egg [EWWWWW] and I tried to get it off and the yolk popped, so I made a barrier out of rice.

:] Then we went to Melissas house, the first bolt of lightning struck just as we got there. Lucky us!

Wow, I want more plans now :]

Die Romantic

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